John Walter, How Jezreel’s Tower would have looked upon completion, 2019.

The Flying Roll – A memetic history of Jezreel’s Tower

by John Walter

John Walter writes about his research towards the forthcoming 360° film, Jezreel’s Tower, which takes inspiration from the story of The New and Latter House of Isreal, a religious movement which was based in Gillingham, Kent, until 1922. John discusses the history of the cult, the huge tower they built, and what their history can tell us about memes and how they are transmitted.

Jezreel’s Tower will be shown at Estuary 2020.

View of Sheppey from the Isle of Grain. Photograph: Matthew de Pulford, 2016

Rachel Lichtenstein: Estuary

Writer and artist Rachel Lichtenstein gave an illustrated talk, with artist Jeremy Millar and chaired by Whitstable Biennale’s Director Sue Jones, at the Whitstable Biennale 2014. Rachel’s talk focused on research she undertook for a book on the Thames Estuary, titled ‘Estuary: A Deep Exploration of Place’, which was published by Penguin in 2016. This journal entry collects an article about the future of the Thames Estuary that Lichtenstein wrote for Aeon, as well as ‘A Study for the Estuary’, a short and poetic film made collaboratively by Lichtenstein and James Price. (Video 16m43s)