Gen Z ­Journal / Part 2:

Mental Health

"Do you recognise yourself? I certainly do. The world interlinks our worlds together. We have to meet certain standards, which may be hard to accomplish. A simple message (How are you?) is sometimes all we need, to get through our day. I am someone that wants people to know that being strong and carrying on is my main prerogative. You can move ahead knowing that someone has overcome what you have."

Editor: Fabienne
Content: Gen Z and H4U group

Editor biog:

A hardworking individual who is completely unpredictable and couldn’t stop smiling if she tried :) You can never tell what is going on in her mind – but 9 times out of 10 she’ll be smiling about it. A girl with really big dreams, but with ambition just as big to match. She wants to make a difference and believes that every little step will contribute to something big. Fabienne has the capability to dream big and aim big – and throughout her whole life, she has chased her dreams through planning and execution. Risk taking is her forte, but has to be done at the right time and place. 

Biography of Fabienne by Maria. 

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