Leslie Deere
Modern Conjuring for Amateurs

In this performance, Deere explores the confluence between scientific and esoteric knowledge. She takes inspiration from both contemporary theoretical physics and nineteenth century inventions. The phonograph, radio and the cathode ray tube all challenged people’s ideas of what was possible in the physical world. If people could record sound, send information by radio wave and light a screen with subatomic particles, could they also make contact with the spirit world? Even now, physicists at CERN continue to study these enigmatic particles to provide insights into the fundamental laws of nature.

Modern Conjuring for Amateurs takes its title from the book by J.C. Cannell, a popular guide to learning tricks, conjuring and ventriloquism. Deere’s performance combined her performing arts dance background with her sonic arts training, as she created a shared experience, conjuring up sound and visuals with gesture.


Leslie Deere is a London-based artist working with a variety of media. Originally from Tennessee, Leslie moved to study Sonic Art in the UK, continuing on from a performing arts dance scholarship in New York City. She holds a BA Honours degree in Sonic Art, under Hugh Davies at Middlesex University, and an MA in Communication Art & Design as part of the Acoustic Images pathway from the Royal College of Art. Commissions include sound installations for Kew Gardens, London and New York Fashion weeks and she has a permanently installed sculpture at the Forever Insitut in Geneva. She’s currently part of a compilation release on Adadaat Records and on catalogue at Rough Trade East. Her work has been featured on BBC Radio 3, Radio 6, NTS and radio Concertzender.

Filmed by Reynir Hutber at the Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable, 12 June, 2016.