Creaking Breeze Trio
in conversation with Keira Greene

This is a conversation between Keira Greene and the Creaking Breeze Trio. The recording took place at Café OTO project space, London, 27th February, 2019.

The Creaking Breeze Trio is Ute Kanngeisser, Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright.

The trio is a part of the larger Creaking Breeze Ensemble project (which in addition to the trio includes Evie Ward and Billy Steiger).

As a part of Whitstable Biennale 2018, on 10 June, between 4:17pm and 5:17pm The Creaking Breeze Trio performed their new composition Slack Fulcrum Twelfths (Green Vitriol).

Ute plays Cello, Paul plays a Snare Drum, Seymour plays Alto Saxophone.

The composition has been guided by fragments from a series of letters about an imaginary band described in Nathaniel Mackey’s ongoing experimental fiction project From A Broken Bottle Traces Of Perfume Still Emanate.

The trio performed their composition, animated by the sea and the wind, at the end of The Street, a shingle spit stretching out half a mile into the sea at low tide.

The performance lasted for 60 minutes: during the 30 minutes of ‘slack water’ time either side of the low tide mark at 4.47pm.

In addition to the performance, the Trio facilitated a workshop on ‘Fictional Music, Experimental Composition and Performance’

This recording includes the following elements:

A recording of the live performance in Whitstable - made by Keira Greene.
The conversation that took place in London.
Some music influential in the process of working on the composition.
A ‘guide’ track listened to by Paul on one headphone, during the live performance.

A video, shot by John Treffer, showing excerpts of the performance, accompanies the interview.

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