Undone in the face:
Anna Barham in conversation with Keira Greene

Anna Barham's artwork uses video, text, print, installation and live events to set up relationships between human and non-human others. Exposing language to different bodies, forms and technologies, she creates complex feedback loops in which we witness - and contribute to - the production, erosion and modification of meaning.

Listen to Anna's reading of Undone in the face, a new work produced for Whitstable Biennale's Journal from material she generated during a residency at St John's College Oxford in Spring 2019. The recording is followed by a conversation with Whitstable Biennale performance curator Keira Greene, in which Anna describes her work with reading groups and voice recognition software, as well as the ideas and texts informing her work.

A transcript of the interview is available to download below (as a Microsoft Word document). 

Accompanying the recording is an image of a double-page spread from Anna's book, Poisonous Oysters (2019),  generated during a live production reading group held in Newcastle University’s Fine Art Department on 26 January 2018 and published in a limited edition of 100. More information about the book and details of how to order a copy can be found here

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Image: Anna Barham, Poisonous Oysters, 2019. Spread from the full publication courtesy of the artist

With thanks to the Horsebridge Centre, Whistable.