Prose Brut:
Jude Crilly in conversation with Keira Greene

Commissioned for Whitstable Biennale 2018, Prose Brut was a performance work by artist Jude Crilly made for Whitstable Harbour. It was composed of interwoven choreographies, a seagull swarm, and a site-specific sculpture in collaboration with artist Morgan Courtois.

The performance was made up of both human and bird choreographies, each happening on its own time register but creating a unified image. The performance used the multiple perspectives inherent to the Harbour’s quays, with its industrial buildings, boats and the horizon line of the sea itself.

Here, Jude is joined in conversation by artist and Whitstable Biennale 2018 performance curator Keira Greene to discuss scores choreography, the texts that inspired the piece and its title, and the joining of performers and audiences in public space. The interview includes extracts from the quadrophonic soundtrack made for the performance.

Four videos, documenting the birds, dancers and sculpture that were all parts of the piece are provided here to accompany the audio.

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Concept and direction: Jude Crilly
Choreographic development and live performance: Noha Ramadan and Matthew Day
Live vocalisations: Noha Ramadan and Matthew Day
Voiceover text written and performed: Jude Crilly
Sculpture concept and production: Morgan Courtois and Jude Crilly
Videography: John Treffer
Sound design and mixing: Floris Schönfeld
Sound assistant: Matteo Casarin
Production assistant Whitstable: Melanie Hyams
Production assistant Amsterdam: Elizaveta Federmesser
Ceramics support: Marianne Peynenburg
Costume: Cottweiler
Curation: Keira Greene

With special thanks to Vogelbescherming Nederland, West Whelks Whitstable, Mike Wier and José Miguel Biscaya.

Developed with the generous support of The Arts Council England, The Elephant Trust and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten.